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Performance of shear stud clusters for precast

Principles and Practices of Stud Welding

the testing programs, performance and failure modes of the as-welded studs with respect to groups, edge conditions, tension, shear, and combined loadings have been the central theme of the reports. Stud welding principles and practices necessary for obtaining consistent stud weld quality and anchorage performance have received little attention.

Ultimate shear strength | Article about ultimate shear

Find out information about ultimate shear strength. ... in frames with a single stud. ... Performance of stud clusters in precast bridge decks/Inkaru grupes ...

Effect of Shear Stud Clusters in Composite Girder Bridge

Effect of Shear Stud Clusters in Composite Girder Bridge Design Article in Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 42(4):150218143603005 · February 2015 with 33 Reads How we measure 'reads'

Interface Shear Resistance of Clustered Shear Connectors for

interface shear resistance of clustered connectors. however, the tensile yield strength of shear connectors does not have a significant effect on interface shear resistance. 5. Concrete compressive strength has no significant effect on interface shear resistance when reinforcement ratio is less than 4%. However, it has slight


girders. Shear studs are typically used for panels installed on steel girders. This research program investigated the performance of shear studs and hooked reinforcing bars with precast, prestressed girders. A portion of the hooked reinforcing bar, which was cast into the girder, protruded from the top flange into the shear pocket. The shear

Steel-Yielding Demountable Shear Connector for

A demountable shear connector for use in composite floors with precast hollow-core slab units is proposed. The proposed shear connector consists of a steel square hollow tube welded on a steel plate that is bolted on the steel ...

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Acoustic Properties of Precast Concrete

performance of a 150 thick precast wall is Rw 54 and the Ctr is -5 giving an overall rating of Rw + Ctr equalling 49 dB. Technically this does not comply with the BCA, which requires 50 dB and there has been experience with some certifiers that will not approve a 150 precast concrete wall as complying with the BCA 2004 onwards acoustic provisions.

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HALFEN - Introduction - HCC - Column Shoe

The anchor bolts must be installed exactly according to the location and arrangement shown in the design drawings. It is expedient to use a mounting template; this will help to firmly and accurately fix the anchor bolts on the formwork, so that they do not move during installation of the reinforcement or during the pouring and compaction of the concrete.


When quality and performance make all the difference! Building with precast elements has numerous benefits, starting with the higher quality through production in the controlled environment of a precast plant, through to the time saved at the construction site. Connection tech- nology also plays a fundamental role. Whether in trans-

Experimental Investigation of a Slip in High-Performance

8/29/2019 · The headed stud shear connectors are usually used to resist longitudinal slip and vertical separation between the steel beam and concrete slab. In general practice, construction of steel-concrete composite girder bridge, I-shaped steel beams, or a small steel box girder flange of the steel beam structure are used [8,9]. Compared with I-shaped ...

"Design of shear connectors for precast concrete decks in

Design of shear connectors for precast concrete decks in concrete girder bridges. Afshin Hatami, University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Abstract. Full-depth precast concrete deck systems have several advantages over traditional cast-in-place concrete decks. Higher concrete quality, accelerated construction, and reduced life-cycle cost are the main ...

PAPER OPEN ACCESS Performances of Steel-Concrete Composite

connectors attain shear resistance of welded headed studs but only 15% of their shear stiffness. Figure 6. Curves for Force-slip showing studs and bolts without embedded nut. Lam, 2013 [8] studied experimentally performance of bolted shear connectors, shown in Figure 7 (a)

Assessment of Shear Connection through Composite Beam

The welded shear stud is the standard connector used today, but other connectors, such as the through-bolt connector, may have advantages for precast construction or applications where better fatigue resistance or deconstructability is desired. The standard method of assessing the performance of a shear connector is through the use of push tests.

9performance of shear stud clusters for precast

Performance of shear stud clusters for precast concrete ... The shear connection is critical in determining the overall performance of the composite superstructure and is commonly achieved with a grout blockout in a precast concrete deck panel, which accepts a cluster of tightly spaced steel shear studs.

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Investigation of Panel-to-Panel Connections and Block-outs

INVESTIGATION OF PANEL-TO-PANEL CONNECTIONS AND BLOCK-OUTS FOR FULL-DEPTH PRECAST CONCRETE BRIDGE DECKS Matthew K. Swenty, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Virginia Military Institute Thomas E. Cousins, Ph.D., P.E. Professor Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Precast Concrete Wall Systems | WBDG

Precast concrete shear wall panels are used to provide lateral load resisting system when combined with diaphragm action of the floor construction. The effectiveness of precast shear walls is largely dependent upon the panel-to-panel connections. In some cases, precast panels are used as formwork for cast-in-place concrete.

Shear behavior of shear stud groups in precast concrete

5/15/2019 · Shear Stud Groups on Precast Concrete (PC) Composite Beam. ... and biaxial concrete compression around the stud roots contributed to a beneficial effect of biaxial loading on stud performance. In 2017, ... Oehlers and Johnson developed the following formula for the maximum shear capacity of steel studs set in clusters.


typically take advantage of monolithic construction to ensure adequate performance (i.e. near full composite action) and hence they cannot be easily disassembled and reused at the end of the service life of the structure. Furthermore, the demolition of monolithic concrete-steel composite floors in which the shear studs have been

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Strength of shear connection in composite

Abstract. In this paper, a connection between precast beam and precast slabl to be used in decks of precast composite bridges is studied. The difference between this connection and the common connection used in bridge construction is that in this paper the steel connector is associated with a shear-key which is formed on the top face of the precast beam, and a high, performance concrete is ...

Nonshrink - definition of nonshrink by The Free Dictionary

Define nonshrink. nonshrink synonyms, nonshrink pronunciation, nonshrink translation, English dictionary definition of nonshrink. adj not liable to contract ... The equation assumes the failure Mode 2 and nonshrink mortar as a filling material in shear pockets. Performance of stud clusters in precast bridge decks/Inkaru grupes konstrukcine ...

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Shears synonyms, shears antonyms

Synonyms for shears in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for shears. 9 words related to shears: clipper, pruning shears, pair of scissors, scissors, snips, tinsnips, thinning shears, plural, plural form. What are synonyms for shears?

Experimental investigation of connection details for precast

Confined shear studs provided best performance among connection types considered. • All connection types exceeded the predicted capacity using the shear-friction theory. • Design example highlights shear stud clusters for precast bridge construction.


The shear connection is critical in determining the overall performance of the composite superstructure and is commonly achieved with a grout blockout in a precast concrete deck panel, which accepts a cluster of tightly spaced steel shear studs. No specific equations are found in the CHBDC for the design of shear studs used in this system.

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